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20th Aug 2014 from TwitLonger

[QUICK TRANS] Excerpt from Yuchun's interview with Sports Chosun

"Actually, I don't wear nice clothes (laughs). When I am not working, I wear t-shirt and training suit and my staffs complain. During my rest days I only watch movies throughout the week. I think during that time, I've watched 30 movies...There are no classification of genres though. I watch to see why major films are popular but at the same time, minor films have their own attractions too. Now when I invite my friends over to my house, they fail to show up. We almost got to watch a movie together (laughs)."

" After debut, I can feel the charm in the job which I'm doing now. When I was still in school, I could not understand why I had to attend school. So, I did not go to school often (laughs). I liked composition. My compositions are still piling up at home."

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