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19th Aug 2014 from TwitLonger

random skull face and theme rambling

A little more rambling about Skull Face. I found Kojima's answer about Skull Face interesting at gamescom.

I suggested before that the Outer Heaven logo and MSF logo being symbolized by a Skull might have something to do with his character and it seems I was right. Kojima said this image of a skull relates to Skull Face's character and the theme of Race which is the central theme of MGSV. He also said this relates to the X-Ray theme seen in the game as well. Regardless of Race, skin colour etc... All humans more or less look the same underneath, the same structure etc... This is how the x-ray theme relates to the theme of Race. Bear in mind that Kyle Cooper is working on this game again, the guy who made the epic opening intros for mgs2 and 3, so expect an x-ray themed opening credits for tpp, its likely to happen. The water of life, information passing from tablets, to paper, to digital, the hexagons and all of that stuff that you saw in 2's intro symbolized 2's theme of "Meme". Whatever V's intro is will foreshadow the themes and subjects discussed in the game as well. The image of an x-ray, seeing through someones race and outer shell, images of a skeleton, a skull, a skull face. Kojima also said that Skull Face embodies alot of these ideas, lacking a past, language, an outer shell. He symbolizes this theme, this lack of a race, something inhuman.

He also said again that he is the antagonist of the game and that he makes Snake "become a Skull". Snake setting up Outer Heaven and this being represented by a Skull relates to all of this he said also. We've already seen Skull Face serve as a parallel to Big Boss, being his mirror image in many ways in Ground Zeroes. It's easy to see how Skull Face is kind of making Big Boss become someone like him, tearing his human side apart. Like Skull Face, Big Boss will return for revenge, be seen as a demon etc...His motivation being based on what hes lost, his comrades and msf, the pain of losing them and the ordeal of ground zeroes and how its effected him is his motivation for revenge. Just like how Skull Face lost his village and family, he feels he's their only hope at a chance for revenge. All he has left is the pain of what happened, and that is his motivation. Almost everything Skull Face says can be applied to Big Boss in a sense. It's important to know that in order to stay true to MGS4 the thing that really drives Big Boss on for revenge is finding out about the clones. This was the last straw in their relationship according to Eva.

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