The skeletons in my closet are...

The skeletons in my closet are

- a really dumb post I made almost 8 years ago on Somethingawful about theism. You're welcome to laugh at it, it was very stupid and it's easy to find. All the mockery it generated is completely justified.

- while I was being harassed by a forum 3 years ago during my immigration problems that had separated me from my wife and child for several years, I lashed out at an innocent Twitter user who got caught in the crossfire (who I thought was also trolling) and told him to "Get cancer and die". I apologized to him for this and things were sorted out. I feel awful about to this day.

- 2 years ago, during an argument on my channel with a couple of viewers, I made an undiplomatic statement saying that the viewers can be replaced. This was after being told that I should do what my viewers tell me because they are the reason for my success. The wording and way that I explained it was extremely stupid and came off as very arrogant. I could have done a far better job of explaining my opinion on not taking viewer requests and maintaining control of my own content rather than listening to a vocal minority on what I should do, thereby betraying the majority of my fanbase that came to watch the content that I wanted to make. Almost every content creator does not defer to the opinions of a vocal minority, but they explain that far better than I do because apparently I am a bullheaded idiot sometimes.

- 3 years ago during Gamescom, I had an allergic reaction at a Mexican restaurant and someone from Curse snapped a photo of me with my face and lips all blown up. You might as well enjoy it, it's the worst picture of me online and it's hilarious.

- I am really bad at dealing with trolls and feel the need to respond to most criticism online. I fixate almost purely on the negative and the positive stuff very rarely has any impact on my state of mind. I need to see a therapist to become a better person in that regard.

- When I was 2 years old I drank a bottle of Coke and sat in front of a door for over an hour pulling on a dog lead, repeating the phrase "ding the bell, ding the bell, ding the bell" over and over again.

- As a toddler I once ate a can of dogfood.

I think that about covers it. I own all of this shit, the internet never forgets your mistakes. I keep my closet nice and open, I am honest to a fault and it gets me into trouble, but in the long run I think that it's a net positive. Trying to hide things on the internet never works. Have a great day :x