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17th Aug 2014 from TwitLonger

Triplemania Predictions

Aero Star/Pimpinela Escarlata/Jennifer Blake/Mascarita Sagrada IV vs Super Fly/Mamba/Sexy Star/Mini Abismo Negro: Should be the usual Relevos AAA match but shorter than usual since they have to finish this show within the alloted PPV time. Aero Star will likely get in his tope into the crowd and one other big dive. Hopefully enough to get newer viewers to realize how great he is and wonder why he got stuck in this match. Hoping Jennifer Blake & Mini Abismo Negro get to interact as he's a great base for the acrobatics she can do. Logical finish is Aero Star beating Super Fly or Super Fly beating Aero Star but it's possible they just let the Exoticos do their thing to end it after a referee kiss.

10 man Cruiserweight/Fusion Title Match: This is pretty much a re-run of the match from Verano De Escandalo except minus Escoria & plus Daga, Ricochet & Joe Lider. The match with less participants at VdE was very sloppy, rushed & had all the wrong guys eliminated early. I see this match going the exact same way unfortunately. There will be a TON of cool spots and great moves but there are so many talented wrestlers involved you just wish could get a normal match on Triplemania. Expect lots of guys to be standing around on the floor for minutes on end just waiting for their cue to enter. Ricochet is being flown in perhaps to just get 3 minutes of ring time in total which is a little befuddling. Especially since AAA has their own much better flyers on the roster like Jack Evans, Australian Suicide & Aero Star. The winner seems easy enough to figure out as it'll come down to Daga, Fenix or Fantasma. Daga has been champion forever but treated like a jobber most of the time on TV when it counts. I think the promtotion wants the title off him for no particular reason which leaves it between Fenix and Fantasma. Fantasma was obviously made lots of promoises to jump and one of which may have been a title of importance. Neither of these titles are important. Fantasma has stated he's got bigger fish to fry so I would doubt he'd want to be feuding with anyone in this match going forward instead of Cibernetico. That leaves Fenix. The golden boy of AAA & especially Konnan. If you watch the march AAA did on Wednesday you can see Fenix attached to Konnan the entire time and following him around like a lovesick puppy. Barring Fenix injuring himself in the match (always a possibility with his sloppy style!) I would suspect he gets the win here, walks out with two titles & runs straight onto twitter to whine about his life and why Japan hasn't called him back yet.

Fabi Apache vs Taya Valkyrie - Reina de Reinas Title: I have very little interest in this match. Women's wrestling generally isn't my thing - especailly when it involves a singles match featuring someone who isn't even adept at working six man matches without looking completely out of place. Match will probably be awkward and involve interference. Much like Fenix - Taya is completely beloved by the promotion and should walk out of here with the title so when she shows up for every single media event she can bring it along with her. The good news in giving a foreigner a title here is there will always be the chance to take it off her since her career options are limited to AAA for the forseeable future.

Blue Demon Jr./Electro Shock/La Parka vs Averno/Chessman/Jeff Jarrett - Cage: I have no idea why this match exists other than to get the cage gimmick used which AAA loves to do at Triplemania. (2 years ago they did a cage match to SET UP a straight singles match on the same show) The people in this match are barely feuding. For such a poorly set up match you have to figure nobody of note is losing which narrows it down to Electro Shock, Chessman or (sadly) Averno. I would rule Averno out since Myzteziz is trying to sell a mask/hair match with them to indy promoters but if AAA offers decent money I could see Averno jumping at it since his hair seems likely to grow back quickly. Electro Shock claims to be feuding with Jeff Jarrett who never loses so that's a bad sign for him. His hair is also a quick fix as last time he lost it he had it back in less than a month. Chessman is the eternal loser who's hair loss would actually be significant. However he also seems like a good candidate to escape and then plunge off the cage (hopefully with the lights ON this time). In the end... I'm leaning towards Electro Shock as the loser but perhaps an old school AAA swerve as the stips note "last person inside loses". This could mean Karen Jarrett winds up in the cage at some point leading to Lady Apache (Electro's wife) coming out to enter the fray. Could be a situation where Lady Apache loses her hair with Electro Shock vowing revenge.

Myzteziz vs Dr. Wagner Jr. vs Cibernetico vs Perro Aguayo Jr. - Copa Triplemania: This match is dangerous for two reasons in my eyes. #1: Four huge stars who tends to do anything and everything to steal the spotlight any chance they get. The fans will clearly see this as the real main event and it could hurt the main event still to come. #2: Who loses? None of these guys seem like obvious candidates and a real screwy finish could annoy the shit out of the fans leading them to turn on the main event. To be perfectly honest I'm not sure if I wouldn't put this match on last and have Myzteziz go over Perro Jr. with La Mistica to end the night. There's just too much danger in any other result in a semi-main event. There is one guy who may get involved in this match besides the four wrestlers... not ADR... how about Mesias? He's still alive! I'm not sure how close he is to making an in-ring return but he IS listed on lineups for spot shows later this month and what do you know... he's listed on the RUDO side. Could he make an appearence here to cost Wagner the match? They've feuded in the past and there are few people Wagner is okay with working against these days.

Psycho Clown vs Texano Jr. - Mask vs Hair: There is only logical finish to this match - Psycho Clown beats Texano Jr. for his hair. Any other result is not only unacceptable but also just destroys the last 18 months of booking leading to this point. Normally I'd say that would be common for AAA but in this case I believe the plan all along has been to Texano get shaved at some point and no better time than now. This will be "clean" by AAA standards which for newer fans means there will be referee interference, wrestler interference & weapons used. Those things are just accepted as clean in AAA.:) The match will likely end with a Canadian Destroyer on Texano Jr. since that is Psycho's overdone finisher. The thing to watch for after the match is whether Psycho Clown gets his moment in the sun - perhaps an endorsement by Alberto Del Rio? Or whether AAA sticks to the format they usually use by having a tecnico score a big win and then having a bunch of rudos attack him and perhaps form a new faction. Remember... AAA shows only end one of two ways: All the tecnicos running off the rudos so Marisela Pena can be shown clapping or all the rudos laying out the tecnicos and posing for a group shot so Konnan be in the middle.

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