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13th Aug 2014 from TwitLonger

Why I loved Rush vs Negro Casas

This match was a 5 star match in my eyes. The story was absolutely perfect. The match was never intended to be two guys on equal footing squaring off in a back-and-forth contest. Rush was the young bully who beat the crap out of old man Casas on a weekly basis. Casas was the wily veteran who used his experience and Rush's inexperience (getting DQ'ed often) to gain the upper hand in tags & trios matches. But now in a one-on-one setting it was no-contest. Rush just destroyed Negro from the entrances all the way to the finish. Negro got a couple of hope spots including winning the second fall and some submissions in the third fall but it was obvious he was never going to win.



Rush pissed off the crowd because he beat the holy hell out of Negro as the crowd gasped. No matter how much they cheered Negro it didn't matter - Rush was the tougher guy who wasn't going to be stopped. To add insult to injury he won the match with a low blow. Was it a cheap finish? In the traditional sense I guess it was but I saw it as the young punk just establishing himself as just that... a punk. He had Negro beat a bunch of times. Everyone knew it. He wanted to win on his terms. A cheap finish to me is one where after the match the crowd feels ripped off because they feel the wrong guy won unfairly. That wasn't the reaction here. Everyone knew Negro lost the match. The low blow was inconsequential in the larger picture.

To me this is a historic match. It may be the last time we see a true star making match where a veteran allows himself to look weak and helpless against a younger opponent. There was finality to this match. Casas lost his hair and in all likelihood he will never have a match as big as this again. It was 100% clear after the match that Rush had surpassed Negro. No ifs, ands or buts. Can anyone see something like this happening again any time soon? I can't. There are no other true legends like Negro Casas out there who are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice and humble themselves in order to give someone else a chance to be a star. AAA couldn't even get Blue Demon Jr. to lose clean to Texano Jr. without getting his win back (cleanly) a week later... and that's Blue Demon Jr. who is NOTHING compared to Negro Casas. On a smaller scare Black Terry did this for Multifacetico in IWRG a few years back but that's the most recent example I can think of. If Atlantis somehow beats Ultimo Guerrero and keeps his mask he may be the one guy left who can put in a performance like that and make someone some day when he loses his mask. But until that happens I have to believe this is the last match of it's kind. A true passing of the torch.

Negro Casas went into the match a legend, Rush went into the match as the future.

Negro Casas came out of the match a legend, Rush came out of the match as the present.

A great feud with a masterful finale.

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