Steve Ballmer "I'm all in on the Los Angeles Clippers"

"There's absolutely no thought to moving the Clippers. There's a hundred reasons [not to move the Clippers]. One, The Clippers are more valuable in in Los Angeles. It's a phenomenal city, a phenomenal market, phenomenal everything. Two, I like Los Angeles and there's an opportunity to spend some time there in addition to Seattle, that is phenomenal. The NBA has made it clear they want fan bases to be able to keep their teams. I know that firsthand, because we did take a whirl at moving Sacramento and that didn't work. I'm all in on the Los Angeles Clippers. We're moving forward. We've got to work to be the best we can be to take advantage of all the assets in the community. the draw that I think it is and can be for players who want to play in such an awesome place to live, I think it's just phenomenal."

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