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12th Aug 2014 from TwitLonger

IMPORTANT announcement. This is difficult...

They say all good things come to an end, and for us, we realize that time is now for this phase of @hiddencash.

What started as a fun project to bring a smile to people's faces, bring people together, and perhaps inspire them to pay it forward, took off beyond what we ever expected.
Seeing how much fun people were having made us keep going - taking it to cities all over the United States, and even Mexico and Europe.
Our events brought together hundreds of people at a time. Best of all, we got to hear so many inspiring stories about how Hidden Cash was making a positive difference in people's lives.

We saw a 14 year old girl in tears because the money she found would help her sick grandmother buy medicine. A man wrote that he gets depressed watching the TV news every night with his wife and son, but since we started, they have a reason to be happy while watching the news, seeing how people are coming together in a fun way. A young lady who found our money just handed it over to a little girl who was looking. A young boy gave his to the homeless. People said they were inspired to buy groceries and gas for those in need. A woman wrote that her daughter read about us, and decided to give her savings to the needy. A young man in London said you never talk to strangers in London, but he made new friends as they tried to figure out the clues together.

These stories and the hundreds like them, touched our hearts and made us feel a sense of responsibility to our followers.

Your stories have kept us going.

We ended up spending more time, energy, and money on HC than we ever expected to. It became more than a full time job. But it's also been extremely gratifying.

We realized at one point, that the only way to continue HC was with sponsors, and we were approached by several big names.
After much consideration, we decided that turning HC into an advertising business was not in line with our goals and mission.

So, we have made the difficult decision to end the HC money drops.
What started May 22 on the streets of San Francisco, ended on August 3 on the beach in New York City.

This does not mean we are abandoning our mission of bringing people together in a fun and positive way, or of giving back. If anything, we are more determined than ever to keep doing that, reinforced by the love from our fans and witnessing first hand what a positive impact can be made. It does mean that this phase, of money drops in public places, as we have been doing it is over. It is simply not sustainable for two regular guys to keep doing this forever.

We feel a real sadness at ending this phase. We will miss many aspects of this - the fun of planning the events - but mainly, seeing so many smiling and happy faces, of all ages and backgrounds coming together. We will miss that. But although part of us really wanted to continue, to return to cities that showed us love, and come to more places around the world, we realized that HC could not be sustained forever, without turning it into a sponsored business, and we did not want to do that.

Since HC started, hundreds of independent, local versions have sprung up. From Mexico City to Vancouver to San Diego to the UK, others have been inspired to do something similar. If they can do it in the spirit in which it was intended, and safely, we support what they are doing. Nevertheless, we want to be clear we are not affiliated with any of these. We commend those who have good intentions and good planning. If done safely and for the right reasons, this is one way in which the HC movement can live on and grow around the world.

Although we are saying goodbye for now, and ending this phase of Hidden Cash, please stay tuned to this page, as we hope to do more fun and giving things in the future. We are also interested in hearing from you. Whether it's for ideas of what to do next, sharing your stories with us, or wanting us to speak about our experiences and the lessons from Hidden Cash to your organization. Contact us by email at officialhiddencash@gmail.com

Most of all, we hope we have inspired others, to believe there is goodness in the world, to give back when they can (which doesn't have to be financially), and to believe in their own power to make a difference.

If two regular guys from San Francisco were able to bring joy and excitement to thousands worldwide, it is our sincere belief that anyone can do the same, and that people tend to underestimate their own strength and ability - to change their own lives, and to change the world.

We also want to thank you. In reality, it is you who inspired us. It is you who gave the intangible gifts of the stories and smiles, and shared them with the world.

Thank you to all of our followers.

Jason Buzi and Yan Budman
Founders, Hidden Cash


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