"It's still only a win in the round of 16" - Tsonga quoted in l'Équipe: "That one, it feels good. I've been looking for that for a while. I felt really good, really aggressive. It reassures me about the way I've been training. You work hard and and you're not rewarded that often. I've had some tough times in the last months. But it's still only a win in the round of 16. There's still much to do. I'm not getting excited about it. It doesn't lead to much. The goal is to go far and I still have a tough one against Murray, whom I've only beaten once.

In fact, I've been feeling good for several weeks, I feel my game is coming back. I'm working hard and believe in my chances. I still had residual problems with my knee right up to Wimbledon. Before, I was always a bit apprehensive. I'd lost power in my legs. For the last few weeks, I've been able to work on strengthening them again.

Tennis is only logic. There are no miracles. I was out for three months at the end of last year and I was told you need at least twice as long to become competitive again. I couldn't work on my physical training during those three months, my knee didn't allow it. There you go, it took time. But it wasn't useless, it allowed me to ask myself quite a few questions about the way I was working and about everyday life. Which ones? I'm not going to say! I rediscovered my grit and motivation.

(We insist - you beat the world number one! That means something!) It's not the first time I don't think about those kinds of things any more. What matters is playing big matches.

(Murray) He's a player who defends well, who has a well-developed tactical sense and who's very consistent. He's an opponent who looks for your weak points.

(and with Amélie Mauresmo) Yes, that will be weird. I'd prefer she weren't there, even if it's Andy who'll be on the court. That said, I'd prefer it were Amélie!"

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