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8th Aug 2014 from TwitLonger

[TRANS] Yuchun talking about Han Yeri - excerpt from Newspim

Note: This is only the last part of the article.

"Han Yeri is an actress with toughness and frailties"

In this film, audiences especially his (Yuchun's) fans' attention is definitely fixed on the bed scene between Dongshik and Hongmae (Han Yeri). The Korean-Chinese stowaway lady who came to look for her brother and the innocent youngest sailor who lean on each other and share their love in an extreme situation. "Anyone can perceive our love but instead, if we explain it in detail it will no longer be interesting. If you look for something good in those two people's love, you'll see a young man and lady whose hearts are on fire. Actually, from the time when I received the scenario of the bed scene until the day before the filming, I was very worried. I could not decide whether this scene is good or bad. I was also bothered about how the audience would accept this scene. However, that worry disappeared in the flow of and a particular incident in the movie. When Hongmae was really afraid and in pain, Dongshik was the only person she could lean on. At the same time, Dongshik is someone who could make her feel alive.

Han Yeri-ssi who acted as Hongmae is a really unique actress who is difficult to find. Her heart and her voice are very attractive. She is clean and pure as much as her skin color is. Could she shine by herself? She is a person whose heart is still strong even when she loses physical strength. Because Hongmae was great to Dongshik so, it feels like Han Yeri would also leave an after-image (impression) on me for a long time."

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