Chronological Twitter log from 8/7 Les Miles press conference

@JimKleinpeter: Les Miles: Today's practice had some of our best players, it was very competitive.

@JimKleinpeter: Les Miles: Enjoyed how team has played. Defense is ahead, ready for the situation. Offensively we've played hard and tough

@TDR_sports: Miles: When the defense does good, the offense will have to answer. That's the challenge at this point.

@JimKleinpeter: Les Miles: When the defense does good, the offense has to answer. That's the challenge.

@DellengerAdv: Miles on Hilliard: "He will have a big impact for us." LSU

@DellengerAdv: Miles on Harris: "He made some of the best throws I've seen today." LSU

@Tiger_Rag: Miles on the NCAA vote on autonomy for power 5 conferences later today: "I think it's imperative. I think there's an inequity issue."

@DerekPonamsky: Les Miles is talking about his love for the MAC. Nothing else he says will top this today. MACtion

@JimKleinpeter: Les Miles: We'll be done with installation of our offense early next week.

@TDR_sports: Miles: Young defensive tackles are coming along "really good." LSU

@Tiger_Rag: Miles on his young DTs: "LaCouture looks really good." Calls Frank Herron a "beast."

@Tiger_Rag: Miles on CBs Robinson, White: "They were way comfortable last year." They can't wait for football.

@JacquesDoucet: We're going to be able to throw the football. Les Miles

@Tiger_Rag: Miles: tempo of Friday practice will change with full pads.

@DellengerAdv: Miles on full pads tomorrow: "The tempo of practice is going to change. ... What will happen is will be more emphasis on physicality." LSU

@DellengerAdv: Miles on Big Cat today: "Wanted to see som eof the young guys. Get ready here we go." LSU

@JimKleinpeter: Les Miles on punt returner: We have guys who can catch it and run it, won't name anyone

@HunterPaniagua: Les Miles just wrapped up today's press conference. Here are the notes, quotes and highlights (FREE) …

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