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6th Aug 2014 from TwitLonger

[TRANS] Park Yuchun, "I long for an unconditional love" (Asiae interview)

Singer-cum-actor, Park Yuchun expresses his envy towards the pure love between Dongshik and Hongmae from the movie, Sea Fog (directed by Shim Sungbo).

"In Sea Fog, the character Dongshik which I acted as is very simple/naive. It could even be a figure I am yearning for." confessed Park Yuchun who met Asiae in noon of August 5.

He said, "I started earning money since middle school year 1,2. I took responsibility of my own life and in looking at how Dongshik took responsibility of his grandmother by working on a ship, I thought about our similar points."

"Even though there were similar parts, at the end there were many different parts. Because of his (T/N: Donghik's) pure/naive thoughts, he is always able to act on something first. He pushes and goes all out for something he wants and that makes him look good."

"I am envious of Dongshik and have this thought that this generation is in need of people like him. Nowadays there is no living person who is like him."

"Sea Fog is a necessary movie at this point in time. In this modern society, we can no longer see a pure love like that. These days, people look at the conditions before looking at a person. Dongshik and Hongmae does not nitpick and they love each other unconditionally. I long for that kind of love and I am envious."

Original interview: http://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=sec&oid=277&aid=0003306285&sid1=001&lfrom=twitter

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