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5th Aug 2014 from TwitLonger

[TRANS] Haemoo Cross Interview

T/N: Only Yuchun's part was translated due to time contrains.

YC:I'm taking on the role of the youngest sailor 'Dongshik'.

YSM: What was the hardest point of absorbing yourself into the role?
YC: Having to bring out a pure figure (Dongshik's character). <laughs>

<Showing a clips of Dongshik>
Caption: Park Yuchun, a figure purer than anyone else at the site of <Haemoo>

KYS: What was the most memorable essence in Dongshik's lines?
<Lee Heejoon points to Han Yeri>
YC: Hongmae.
YC: Hongmae was in several lines. Hongmae seemed like the most called name.

LHJ: Among the crew members, who were you closest to?
Captions: (HYR) Eiigoo.../(LHJ) Quietly waiting / (KSH, YSM) What about me?
YC: Apart from Heejoonee hyung, it seems like I was close to everyone. (T/N: he was obviously joking)

<Clip showing Yuchun's interaction with the crew>
Caption: The happy atmosphere of <Haemoo>

KSH: What is Haemoo to Park Yuchun?
YC: A movie that was made with the thought of wanting to continuously act in movies.

Watch the original interview here: http://tvcast.naver.com/v/188950

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