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5th Aug 2014 from TwitLonger

[TRANS] "Park Yuchun, 'A Beginner Sailor' Plunges Into An Ocean of Desires

What is the reason for choosing this movie?
It's a movie that is not easily challenged. When I first saw the scenario I was torn between the urge of taking it up and whether I am able to do it or not. Nevertheless, it was something that would make me grow more confident.

You had to use the Yeosu dialect/accent.
The director told me that there was no need to do the accent excellently so that eased my burden but I was told to express the character vividly as the story is based on a true story (Sea Fog is also a stage play which was based on a true story). I watched documentary of real life seaman and grabbed hold of staffs of Jeollado descend to practise the accent.

The filming started late autumn. It must have been difficult filming in the cold water while battling the waves.
The most difficult thing was to erase 'Park Yuchun' off and perfectly show off 'Dongshik'. In the movie, while filming Dongshik and Hongmae hiding in the engine room, it seemed like I didn't know how to pretend. No matter how shy Dongshik was, there was this prideful thinking of "I am a sailor." I wanted to show that kind of feeling naturally.

Through unexpected incidents, each sailor's desire was exposed and uncontrollable tragedy arose.
It was not just Dongshik alone, everyone understood the other sailor's position and felt pitiful. There were many scenes which required a lot of endurance to film. What's worse was feeling sad and melancholic while filming in a ship. No matter what, Dongshik would not have been able to make it through that kind of a situation without Hongmae. I am really envious of the way Dongshik loves.

You acted together with distinguished actors like Kim Yunseok which goes without saying, Moon Seung-goon, Kim Sangho, Yoo Seungmok etc.
It was a very happy atmosphere. There were many learning points to learn from the warm seniors. It is a movie which could satisfy my thirst towards natural acting.

Your next movie.
Though I may want to try out action thrillers but above all, I would like to act in a pure village love story of a young man.

Original article by Joongang News: http://article.joins.com/news/article/article.asp?total_id=15445888

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