Babies in The Sims 4

As you guys know, I'm more of a player of The Sims than anything else, so it's only right that I spent most of my time figuring out live mode in TS4 at Creator's Camp. I was going to make a video including this when I got them from EA, however I may as well say now too to let you know :) Babies have limbs. They move and breathe and have facial expressions and are adorable. However, they are born in a crib, the crib is an object and they live in it. Parents can't move around with the babies, they can only hold them and interact with them in front of the crib. This being said, there are many more interactions for babies than in previous sims games. The animations and facial expressions are great, and I have raised the subject with @SimGuruRachel and @SimGuruLyndsay and they are looking into it. You have to know how much work goes into this game and just one animation that may not seem that big, but in reality takes weeks to perfect. Therefore, don't expect everything in the base game, there are always updates and patches to be released. Just wanted to give you guys the news :)

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