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There is almost a total indifference by the U.S. public & progressives to Nazi GENOCIDE in Ukraine. While there's a cornucopia of talking heads from the Left & Right condemning the blow by blow "reality show"genocide of the Palestinians in Gaza, there's a total BLACK OUT by the MSM, Amy Goodman, & Abby Martin & Co of the GENOCIDE in Ukraine by real Nazis.
The civilian death toll in Ukraine has only recently been exceeded by the Israeli assault on Gaza. But in a qualitative sense the GENOCIDE in Ukraine is much more severe.
Israel at least puts on a PR facade that it gives the people targeted in Gaza an advance warning through phone calls, leaflets & tracer shots before they strike.
In Ukraine there is no such warning as the Nazi junta hit elementary schools, handicapped retirement homes, & border crossings where Ukrainians are seeking refuge in Russia. Russian territory has been hit more that 20 times by the Ukrainian side.
The MSM, Abby Martin, & Amy Goodman & Co show NO pictures or footage of dead East Ukrainian babies, mothers, children with their legs blown off, or handicapped elders killed in their wheel chairs.
What have Abby Martin, Glenn Greenwald, Amy Goodman, Jeremy Scahill, Chris Hedges, Noam Chomsky,& the liberal MSM said about these atrocities ----> NOTHING.
In fact Abby Martin accepts the MSM propaganda line that "the rebels probably did it" keeping herself & her audience all but totally ignorant about events in Ukraine. She was thrilled to go to California this weekend after being invited to appear on CNN's Joe Rogan show to talk about world events. This begs the question of wether the former 911 Truther is an "inside job" psyops stooge.
Although there's been massive protests worldwide in the West against Israel's genocide of Palestinians in Gaza , there's has been NO protests (maybe of few in Europe) about the Nazi aggression & genocide of civilians in Ukraine. Not even A.N.S.W.E.R. has called for a protest anywhere.

(Strangely, there are no major protests in Arab countries against Israeli aggression in Gaza, because Hamas is hated as an extension of the Muslim Brotherhood. Hamas supported US backed death squad attempts to overthrow the government of Syria and by extension the role of ISIS in Iraq & Syria.)

After reports that there was DISSENT in the U.S. intelligence community about Russia and the militia's role in the downing of MH17--(not to mention reports outside the Russian media pointing to Ukraine's military as the more likely MH17 culprit)-- the MSM BLACKED OUT all reporting coming from Ukraine except for a few brief swipes.
This is done to make sure that a Propaganda Line in the Sand Has Been Drawn------->" If Putin or Russia were not directly involved in MH17, they are responsible for the "situation" where the airliner shot down resulting in the accidental "collateral damage" of the deaths of 298 civilians.<----------
The only news on Ukraine is about the US / EU sanctions on Russia because of MH17. This strategy maintains the #BlamePutin paradigm of the Western PsyOp Ministry for when they start their next propaganda barrage following the next false flag.


Is Abby Martin an Inside Job?
March 18, 2014

Robin Westenra ‏@seemorerocks
Open Letter to Abby Martin …

Abby Martin's all but complete coverage of events on the ground in Ukraine --The Fugs "NOTHING"

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