How Yoochun's flip flops obsession made Junsu a fashion terror

(Talking about clothes and shoes)
JS: You all know how Yoochun loves his flip flops; he even wears them in the winter. And they looked so pretty and comfirtable on his feet. Once, he wore shorts and flip flops in the winter, and articles said, "Park Yoochun, his airport fashion looks so comfortable." So I thought "Hey, maybe I should try that too." I'm the least worried about fashion in the group and I believe that whatever I feel comfortable in is what looks good. So I wore flip flops and comfortable clothes, and the headlines the next day read, "Airport Junsu strikes back." Why is it that he's an airport fashion trend setter and I'm a fashion terror? I've sworn off flip flops since then.

YC: I have so many flip flops. When you go to someone's house, they usually have all these different kinds of shoes laid out in front of the door. In my house, all you can see are flip flops and my sneakers are tucked away elsewhere.

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