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1st Aug 2014 from TwitLonger

Hi. KonKwon here. Most of you know me as CLG Sub for this upcoming superweek. I just want to explain what happened... and no it's not because I failed Behavior Check. Also sorry for bad English it's not my first language. Kappa..? LOL

So I was part of this team called Kimchi Dos Spicy. Some of you may know that this team got disqualified from Challenger Series because they fixed matches in order to get higher seed. Anyways, when I was playing on the team to get Challenger Top 20, I had to use different account that was already on Kimchi Dos Spicy because there's a limit of how many people you can invite on the team per week. After hitting top 20, I went to help my family pack stuffs because we were moving out of the house. But apparently while I was doing this and going to sleep, other members of the team decided that climbing ladder higher than 20 to get better seed would make us easier to get out of qualifier bracket, so they decided to fix matches. Few weeks later, Riot punished the members of Kimchi Dos Spicy and disqualified them, and banned members from playing in Challenger Series till S5. My name wasn't on the list. At this point, I haven't gotten a single word from Riot. Note that when we submitted Challenger Series form, I used my own ign, KonKwon, instead of the account that I used to hit top 20. So Riot already had full roster on their knowledge and didn't punish me regardless of whether I was part of match fixing or not.

Moving forward, I moved to Cali 2 weeks ago from New Jersey to pursue my dream of becoming professional League player. Then I got an offer to play on CLG as a sub. I took it gladly as it'll help me make my name in the scene and get experiences on big stage with veterans of League.

And today, I went to CLG house to have boot camp to make 1-3 THE DREAM possible, but soon after I arrived, Kelby told me that I have been banned from LCS/Challenger Series. I contacted Riot to figure out what's going on. And they told me that I got banned from match fixing on Kimchi Dos Spicy because they acquired 'new information'.

Yeah I was mad. I'm still mad. Not only I can't play on LCS, but I just got banned from playing in Challenger Series with my promising team.

I am still in talk with Riot to prove myself innocent. And I believe I'll get unbanned because I know I don't deserve this punishment. I admit that I am in guilt of account sharing and I will take the punishment for that if needed.

Once I get unbanned, I hope to make LCS debut with my team instead of as a CLG sub. I wish good luck to my teammate Thinkcard on this week's LCS. ^_^

PS: I apologize for immature language on prior tweet. It's hard to stay calm when you were about to perform on stage that you dreamt of and it gets destroyed in matter of a second. I don't consider myself anywhere close to professional yet. I'm still a fanboy to many lcs players and I was really excited to be there.

Also please support my team (Top: Flaresz, Jungle: Thinkcard, Mid: ognTSM Yusui. ADC: Wizfujiin, Support: KonKwon if I get unbanned...) in Challenger Scene~

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