Coach K on DeMarcus Cousins from Thursday:

“In DeMarcus’ case, the style we play lends itself to what Anthony [Davis], or even what [Mason] Plumlee does and a little bit of [Andre] Drummond. DeMarcus’ game is different, so he an adjustment to make and he’s trying to make it. Also, as he grows, we have to look and see if there is something we can do to bring more out of his game. We’re going to take a good look at our bigs."

“He’s been attentive and [he’s] tried – diving on the floor for loose balls. They all have to adapt and it’s a different way of playing defense – ‘how do you play defense with all these athletes, and how do you help out?’ We [will] have to see in games – these exhibition games – how that will wash out. We haven’t made a decision and we won’t for a while, but we will definitely take a long look at the bigs.”


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