Dear @SamanthaFaiers & @Ann_Summers: don't you think it's a tad inappropriate to be encouraging young fans to pose outside a store that sells sexy lingerie and sex toys (which you have to be over 18 to even browse,) as part of a competition - especially when the prize is a complete set of 'sexy for you' underwear? The girls sending pics (and that you're RTing) are barely old enough to wear a bra. With the amount of pressure on young girls and women to be 'sexy' and conform to male expectations already, I'm disgusted that this would be encouraged and promoted. (At the very least surely you wouldn't fuel the fire by RTing young girls and stick to fans that at least look old enough to shop in the store?) It's irresponsible and I expected better from both of you. Lots of love, someone who's lost total respect x

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