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28th Jul 2014 from TwitLonger

Nadal: "I'm training hard. Can't wait to play at US Open"

Here is a big part of Nadal's interview to Style (italian cover). The spaniard speaks about Wimbledon's loss vs Kyrgios: "Losses like this can happen. Now it doesn't matter."

Have you seen the final between Djokovic and Federer?
"Of course. It was an exciting match. So funny"

Were you surprised that it ended like this?
"Yes. In the 4th set everybody said Roger was done & they went to 5th.
But I know from experience that when you meet two great players, anything can happen. At that level the match is a rollercoaster:it never finished. I have to say it: as a spectator it was fun."

You've taken a little 'rest here in Mallorca and now comes the American season. Tell the truth: do you like?
"Sure, really. Everyone knows that for me the part of the year which gives me more emotion is the one that goes from Monte Carlo to Roland Garros, where there is Rome tornament. But I also like to play in the States: I always have good memories there. "

In New York, in fact, you've won twice.
"And of course I can not wait to play there. It is always a Grand Slam, always a great emotion."

Are you ready?
"Ah, who knows... I can only say that I'm training hard. The results then depend on many things. "

Let's talk about your other sport passion: it was also the year of "La Decima" of your Real Madrid.
"Ah, what a thrill, too. Of course I saw the match, I would not have missed it for the world. My celebration was crazy: the title was unforgettable."

Are you a fan of football, yet there are those who say that has nothing to do with tennis. Two different philosophies.
"Maybe so, but I love football so much. But it is true that sometimes there are negative examples, but there are also into tennis."

In football, it seems, a little more.

"If I were in the place of Uefa and Fifa, I'd do anything to combat violent, the continuing protests against the referee, the simulations, the tricksy. Those things bother me, as a viewer and fan. I would change many things, even for the children who look those negative examples."

You care a lot about children.

"What I say is that in life there are important values: sacrifice, honesty. The most important thing is that we are professional athletes so we know that the future of the sport depends on us. And our behavior. "

So what is the most important thing for Rafa Nadal?

"The Fairplay: in tennis, football, sports. And in life."

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