hey lovely girls. im just going to flat out attack this in a straight up manner. i am going to be getting juvederm lip injections. now i'm not a fake person and that is exactly why im sharing this with you guys. you all mean the world to me and to lie about something like this like most gurus is completely absurd.

i became infatuated with the art of makeup years ago, and as a makeup artist i have always viewed faces as canvases. countouring, shading, blending, application etc. it all was an art to me in which i passionately enjoyed.

now let's refer to my face as a canvas, as i mentioned earlier. the first thing about my canvas that irritated myself as a makeup artist was my skin. i worked extremely hard to find an acne system with results and after years and years of searching i was able to come across the 3 step regimen from acne.org. clearing up my face last year made the application of my foundation appear smoother. after that was checked off the list, i started to focus on the one thing left that i wanted to change. at the time, i didn't have the courage and i didn't know what to do about it.

in my bedroom sits a vanity with many many un-used lipsticks. why? well obviously you all have noticed that i don't have lips. i read it in the comments all the time. i've tried so hard to view them as "cute" or "dainty" but no matter how hard i tried to convince myself, i wasn't making myself happy. and then i realized.. the only reason i was trying to make myself love them is because you guys do. and because i want to be the best role model i can be.

lipstick plays a major role in the art itself. now im not trying to say i'm going to recieve injections because "i just want to use lipstick." but as an aspiring girl, i want to embrace my passion without shame of what i am doing.

every girl is born with their own canvas and it is upon ourselves what we decide to do with it. some girls, like myself, unfortunately have been born acne prone. just because a girl invests in acne serums & scrubs doesn't make her fake. now apply what i said to lip injections... or anything cosmetic in that sense. being born with paper thin lips- yes that's me & that will always be me. BUT, it's a choice I'm going to make myself.

in the end, you have to focus on what makes you happy because everybody is going to have their own opinions no matter WHAT. yours is the ONLY one that is going to matter.

people who have acne, like i stated earlier, go through scrubs and serums to take care of it. people who don't like their eyebrows get them shaped. people who aren't happy with their bodies work out. people who don't want long hair anymore cut it. people who think their teeth look yellow get them whitened. people who don't like being pale go tanning. girls who want another hair color dye it. people want tattoos, they get them. and do people ever get picked on for doing these things? no, because they are more common and underrated.

i don't think i should have to put up with something that makes me unhappy daily just because i'm scared of other people's opinions on me.

im strong enough now to realize that you're not going to make everybody happy, so why not please yourself? if i've worked hard enough to afford it, why not go for it.

you all mean the world to me and if it weren't for all of your constant support i wouldn't be as strong as i am today. i love you all beyond words and that is exactly why i'm going to share my journey in a video with you when this happens.

your happiness comes first
xoxo much love,'


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