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25th Jul 2014 from TwitLonger

Let me clear a few things up.
First of all, my Dad is not "missing," Jean Kasem knows exactly where he is and she is HIDING him from his friends and family.
My Dad, my brother, my sister and myself ALL believe that YOU are not the body. In other words, you are a spirit/soul inhabiting a body so when my Dad died he left his body.
You can't take your body to Heaven with you!
We got to spend the last 15 days of my father's life with him and THAT is what mattered. Do I wish that Jean would bury him here at Forest Lawn? YES, but we fought the good fight and WON that fight. This is not my fight.
We will find out where my Dad is buried when the law that I am working on passes. There is a provision in the "Visitation Law" AB2034 that states the conservator/guardian must notify the immediate family when the ailing parent is in the hospital, upon death and where they are buried. Jean Kasem will be court ordered to tell us where our Dad is.
If my father is buried in Montreal, Canada a place my Dad has NO connection to, it just further proves that even in death as in life, Jean has tried to keep us away from our father. No matter what she does now… DAD IS ALWAYS WITH US.

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