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23rd Jul 2014 from TwitLonger

@spainbuca probably identified, fraud unveiled @Honakk @AlexandraMozg @hankalenok @jcarlosmendi @NickJTY

- The man exists, at first he alleged to be José Carlos Sánchez (in an interview he attended, 7:13)
we knew his face, that nowbody seems to recognize in Spain to this moment, when he attended an interview for RT (Russia Today) in spanish.
Also his facebook account has been identified and info extracted from there, allegedly his full name is José Carlos Barrios Sánchez, inmediately after that his and his alleged girlfriend's facebook accounts were closed. Allegedly he's currently working for IAG at Dulles airport in Washington, and had travelled before to Romania (from where his alleged girlfriend is), UK, and some parts of the US). Also allegedly he don't speak Russian nor Ukrainian.

- From one of his emails in facebook account was revealed a page where he said he moved from Spain to Bucarest in July 2009, to work as spanish official. He offered himself for contacts with spanish people and companies in Romania.
also it was revealed a Facebook message from him in a thead on 2014.05.25 declaring he was living in Bucarest for 5 years and have voted in EU Parlament elections that same day, what matches 2009 record, and it's clearly incompatible with his what he declared in his twits.

- Journalist Matthew Bennett obtained information revealing their lies about his claims on his occupation, spanish embassy in Kiev confirmed they didn't know him, nor the spanish community there, despite his claims of having been expelled by ukrainian authorities; also confirmed Kiev airport told embassy an spaniard never worked for them. Matthew also checked spanish ATCs major union (96% of all spanish ATCs) confirming they doesn't know who he is.
(same in english)
(about the same in english, esc to read it)

- Another media confirmed with Kiev airport authorities no spaniard work with them.

Among other things
- It was proven he made false accusations of death threatenings on him from ukrainian community in Spain
- It was proven he didn't knew requirements to be ATC in Ukraine
- It was proven only an ukrainian can be an ATC in Ukraine by law
- It was proven he has not used in his known communications russian nor ukrainian languages. Both languages and english are requirements for ATCs in Ukraine. This also matches what he allegedly declared in his now closed Facebook account, as explained above.
- Other media descibed that right before his account was closed one user accused him of lying about his qualification for ATC in Ukraine

- It was proven an spaniard citizen cannot have ukrainian citizenship on double citizenship, both contries have no international treaty for that.

- It was proven an ukrainian cannot have any double citizenship by law (Article 9.)

- In May he twitted he had been expelled from Ukraine on spy and instigator charges
but right after that he continued twitting like nothing happened and like he were working again at Borispol airport tower in Kiev, until he closed in mid July.

Not to mention his claims in his twits about the availabitly for a civil ATC as he claimed to be, working at Borispol airport tower in Kiev, to access, not only to members of the Government of Ukraine, top military authorities and top civil aviation authorities, but also to strategic conversations among them about crucial events development because allegedly they made such a thing where he was working... that's such a delirium (among others) that one has to be out of his mind or be a furious fanatic to take it into account.

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