SPOILER ALERT - Casting sides summary for episode 11.01

Episode 11.01
Filming dates: August 5 -16

Kelly (40s, smart and sharp) – she’s in a hospital meeting room with Joseph and Susie (must really be Callie & Arizona). Kelly says Joseph and Susie have been through a lot in such a short time. Joseph says it has only made them stronger. Everyone smiles and Joseph gives Susie’s hand a squeeze. Kelly says that her agency uses a multi-step process and she takes it that Joseph and Susie have been thinking of adopting again for a while. Joseph tells her that they have been thinking of expanding their family and then yesterday it all just clicked. Kelly asks “Yesterday?” and tries to mask her concern because this is a red flag.

Joseph and Susie are meeting with Kelly again. Joseph asks what the next step is for them. Kelly closes her folder and stops taking notes. Kelly says they seem really nice. They also seem like they've been through a lot and are still going through it which is why she can’t accept their application at this time. She would like Joseph and Susie to meet with a couples’ counselor and they’ll see what the counselor recommends before proceeding further. Joseph asks her if she’s turning them down. Kelly says she can give them a list with of several excellent names. Joseph again asks if she’s turning them down and it’s clear that she is.

Lily, Woman – John Doe is a shipwreck victim and he’s watching something outside his room. A look of relief washes over him as a Woman and Lily (6) approach the door. Lily looks at her father who she hasn't seen in weeks. They rush to him sweeping him in hugs and kisses. Woman says they found them the next day but they never found him. They thought he was gone. And it’s a happy family reunion.

Sharon (30s), Luca (6) – They’re in the ER with Dr. Turner. Sharon is scared but she’s trying to hold it together. She tells the doctor her last name is Peterson and explains that the wind blew her son’s Frisbee onto the roof and her husband tried to get it. Luca says daddy fell and wouldn’t wake up. Dr. Turner tells them to take a seat and she’ll see if she can get an update. Sharon nods and ushers Luca into a seat.

Dr. Turner is updating her tablet at a nurses’ station as Luca asks if he can see his father. She says she thinks his father may still be in surgery. Luca says he wants to his dad he’s sorry because his Frisbee made him fall. Dr. Turner tries to comfort Luca by telling him it’s not his fault his dad got hurt. Sharon arrives and tells Luca not to run off like that. She apologizes to Dr. Turner and asks if Luca was bugging her. Dr. Turner smiles at Luca and says she’ll go check on his dad and see how much longer he’ll be.

Luca is alone and playing with Legos. Dr. Turner says that’s a cool spaceship and asks where his mom is. Luca says getting a soda when Sharon arrives. Dr. Turner tells Luca they need to talk to his mom and asks if he’s cool staying put and putting work into that spaceship. Sharon’s eyes go wide because she knows bad news is coming. Sharon asks what happened. Dr. Turner sees the panic on Luca’s face as he stares at his devastated mother. Another doctor takes Sharon aside. Dr. Turner sits with Luca who wants to go with his mom. Dr. Turner says his mom will be back really soon and she has never seen a spaceship with a trap door. Luca explains that his dad says all good spaceships have trap doors so you can dump out the bad guys. Dr. Turner says that’s a good point. Luca says, “My dad’s dead, isn't he?” Dr. Turner just sits there with Luca, feeling for this boy.

Mrs. Olyrod – Monica and Dave, who is bald and a few weeks post-op after brain surgery, are in side by side beds while Dr. Simons stitches up Monica’s wound. Dave tries to explain why he and his girlfriend were out joyriding instead of in his patient room. Dave’s mom, Mrs Olyrod, is worried and furious. She tells them she’s glad they’re in one piece so she could tell them how stupid this was. The X-rays come up and Dr. Simons says Dave’s collar bone is broken and his shoulder dislodged. He’s looking at months of PT and recovery. Mrs Olyrod tells Dave he wasn’t supposed to even be out of bed and he definitely wasn’t supposed to have visitors. Dave says it’s not like he planned for a car to hit him. Mrs Olyrod tells him to not get smart with her. Dr. Simons tells Monica some of the glass shards are embedded deeply and she might need to have some her hair shaved off. Monica says that’s awesome. She’s been wanting to shave her head forever. She tells Dave he’s going to love it – so smooth, so sweet. Mrs Olyrod is not pleased and says they're so getting separate rooms.

Dr. Simons updates a terrified Dave and a worried Mrs Olyrod. Dr. Robertson is doing everything she can for Monica. Dave asks what he is going to tell her parents, how does he tell them he did this to her, how does he tell them he killed her. Mrs Olyrod says no one has died and they’re going to sit there and think good thoughts for Monica. Mrs Olyrod’s heart breaks for her son. Dave tries to nod but he is destroyed and says he’s the one that’s supposed to die. Mrs Olyrod holds Dave as he cries. Dr. Robertson appears at the door and they all look at her preparing for the worst.

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