You Know Nothing, (Jon Snow)

Just like how the assumptions of what teams are like and what goes on behind the camera in eSports are often completely wrong, so are the assumptions of what people are like. Primarily because of one obvious, but somehow never accounted for fact: the public (reddit or whatever) cannot see behind the camera and has no idea what goes on there. There are people (I'm obviously not going to name names) that have great public reputations but their closed door actions would draw out pitch forks. Conversely there are personalities and players whose public stock are seemingly forever in the trench but the good they do and the way they are never make it past perception and assumption. People are multi-faceted, complicated things with so many dimensions and the camera usually only captures a few.

So for the sides that are missed, let me say this: Kelly is a deeply caring and emotional person, she loves her team probably more than any manager I have met. She is incredibly hard working, dedicated and kind. She not only goes out of her way for her players and friends, but for the fans. She never forgets about the fans. You can get so jaded working in eSports. The long hours, low pay and frustrating work can eat away at the passion that initially drove you here. But I have never seen Kelly stop caring about the game.

There is no one that can manage Alliance with the same personal care and relationship that she has with each player.

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