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12th Jul 2014 from TwitLonger

My last word on the subject:

Rape is one of the worst things that could ever happen to another human being. Ever.
Rapists and people who see nothing wrong with rape are the scum of the Earth and deserve to be ostracized, demonized, and dealt with in the most severe ways possible.
People going online and sending rape threats to those they don't agree with are the vilest people on the internet.

And it is because these things are so reprehensible and unacceptable that when someone is going to levy charges at another person for promoting or propping up those kinds of actions or views...

...they should be absolutely CERTAIN that person is guilty.
Not a feeling, hunch, or passing along something they've heard second hand.

The stigma of such an accusation is horrible and damning.

Is it AS bad as rape, promoting rape, or receiving rape threats?
Absolutely not. No one is saying that.
Those atrocities are on a whole other scale.

But casting that stigma onto another human being is STILL a truly terrible thing to do-- if it's UNTRUE.
And when it comes to light that an accusation like that IS untrue, retractions should be made.
If, in your opinion, it even comes to light that there is uncertainty at work, it is not a horrible thing to say, "That person has rights too. That person might have been unjustly smeared."

Everyone in this issue is asking others to approach this with empathy.
That should fall on ALL sides of this issue.

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