A MD federal judge this wk has let stand a lawsuit against the Redskins and former player Robert Royal 4 an alleged bounty system tackle in '04. The lawsuit, brought by Barrett Green, who suffered a career ending injury in 2004 because of the Royal hit, can continue. The Redskins and Royal had sought to dismiss the case based on statute of limitations, and that it was a labor dispute. Judge Messitte rejected both counts, writing on the CBA one, "“[T]he battery alleged here – a block intentionally designed to cause physical injury harm – could not conceivably be authorized under the CBA, and therefore is not inextricably intertwined with it."
Royal filed the case after the possible existence of a bounty program at the Redskins under Gregg Williams was reported in '12 by the Washington Post. The judge ordered Royal to refile his case so all allegations are tied directly to the alleged bounty system.

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