Dr @Swamy39 letter to SIT regarding SONIA & RAHUL illegal foreign Bank Account

July 9, 2014.
Hon’ble Justice M.B. Shah,
Special Investigation Team,
New Delhi.

Re:- Illegal foreign bank accounts of Ms. Sonia Gandhi and
Mr. Rahul Gandhi.
Dear Sir,

I have collected some information by my personal efforts which
Information may be useful to SIT, set up under your eminent Chairmanship.
This information has some tangible support from the data bank of
the Enforcement Directorate, Ministry of Finance.
The available information is as follows:
Ms. Sonia Gandhi MP has or had numbered illegal accounts in at least
three foreign banks:
(1) Vatican Bank: However my information is that the entire $10
billions or thereabouts of her deposits were withdrawn after
the Pope of the Vatican Church brought in new disclosure Rules
under US insistence. These Rules required disclosure the names of
the beneficiaries of the accounts opened in the Bank. I have no firm
information as to where these huge amounts were moved to,
but it could be to Macao, China.
(2) J. Safra Sarasin Bank, Zurich

(3) Pictet Bank, Zurich

Of the above three banks, I have some confirmation of Mr. Rahul
Gandhi MP having an account in Pictet Bank based on informal inputs from
friends in the USA. Mr. Rahul Gandhi was detained for a few hours by the
Boston Airport- based US authorities around September 25, 2001 and
upon arrival questioned for his illegal possession of $1,60,000 in cash
without declaring the same in the Customs Form on arrival. US law requires
all visitors to USA to mandatorily declare cash in their possession that is
beyond $10,000.
Mr. Gandhi was however saved by interlocutors Mr. Brijesh Mishra,
then Principal Secretary to the PM, and another PMO official Mr. Ashok
Sakhia, IAS, both of whom are deceased now. But records may be still
available in the PMO.
This amount of $1,60,000 was drawn on his account in Pictet Bank,
according to Mr. Gandhi’s explanation to Boston authorities.
I am also given to understand that Mr. Gandhi had paid his tuition and
other fees during his brief and aborted stint as a student around 1990 in
Harvard University. He later moved for a Bachelor degree programme to
Rollins College in Winter Park near Orlando, Florida. Here he was a student
for about four years till 1995, and paid his college expenses in dollars.
If your SIT formally asks these two universities for the detailed facts
of payments then under US law of disclosure, they would have to provide
the SIT the documents.
With this letter I am also enclosing a photocopy of an article written
by M.D. Nalapat on another case of a UPA Minister for your information.
I am also sending a copy of this letter to the Prime Minister.

With Regards,
Yours sincerely


cc: Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi.

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