CAW WIP world fixes

@SimGuruTatorTot @SimGuruCopeland I here you guys are the go-to-Gurus to ask about my question: Can I post the WIP CAW files created for the world fixes that I share somewhere public (like Github)? Lots of folks are asking for them, and I'm not inclined to go and share on a per-email-basis on my Google Drive, for each person who asks (if they cannot be made public, that is). I'm thinking with TS4 on the horizon, and TS3 at the tail-end, EA is more inclined to have the bugs cleared away as much as possible, in order to get Simmers who are still playing Sims 3 enjoy them as long as possible. While pulling in more Store buyers for those who're not inclined to go TS4 just yet...or those on the fence about spending money on a broken Store World. They might think twice if there are fixes and workarounds so they can enjoy the item they bought. :)

Could you let me know the ramifications of this action? Both on me as the uploader and any Github users who would be downloading and contributing to said fixes? If you have no idea who I am and what I do, here's the link to my ModTheSims profile that shows all my uploads for the Sims 3 world fixes that had been done so far...

If you cannot answer this, can you point me to the right person(s) I may approach? Thanks v. much!

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