Books on Enigma

cc @igorwhiletrue The book "The code Book" by Simon singh is a pretty good introduction on many concepts of cryptography. It has a whole chapter on Enigma, and speaks of both what the polish did to start breaking the code and how Turing and its team used that afterwards. This is pretty basic. It's popularization though, not specifically meant for developpers or people into mathematics, and only speaks about Enigma for less than 50 pages. Anyway, I liked the book and found it to have interesting anecdotes on "keeping the secret" throughout the ages.
It has a good list of references though on Enigma. I have not read the books in question, and I don't think they will only be on the polish work on Enigma, but you might be interested in checking them out :
It's off topic, but here is a project you might be interested in, crypto101 :

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