[trans] 140627 Yawang Fan Event Round 2

When they were filming overnight for the 3rd day in a row, they cleared about an hour to have a nap and when they woke up, KSW was immediately dashing off (all ready for filming). Yunho said to KSW that he was surprised at that. Yunho said that he thought of this, "Ah so he has not forgotten his initial mindset and has been working hard for more than 10 years", and that at that time, there was a halo around KSW.
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KSW said that there are also actors who display signs of weariness or restlessness on their faces after filming for a long period of time, but Yunho did not show those types of faces even once. So KSW asked Yunho how he was able to do that. Yunho replied that because he is also human, when he is alone, he also shows weary expressions.
[cr: sivasingh]

2 phrases which Yunho always said when he was filming. "Hyung nim, fighting!" and "(when Yunho's filming has ended and he is leaving first) I will pray for the drama". KSW said that he was thankful for such positive words.
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The scene which KSW and Yunho chose was the passionate love scene. At the scene where Do Hoon (Yunho) was proposing in front of the heater, the Bigeasts were going crazy hahaha, it was fortunate that the video ended just right before the kiss scene ˚(˚^o^˚)˚.
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Yunho himself also still thinks "No!" about himself wearing school uniforms. He personally thinks that he is more suited for wearing school uniforms when he was acting as Do Hoon and his hair was short. He also said that from now on, he is going to wear school uniforms at home instead of his pajamas (laughs) KSW also said that because he will probably be wearing a school uniform and go to Yunho's house to have fun, both of them said that they should have a costume party.
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At the question "When Da Hae passed her college examinations, how many times did Ha Ryu toss her in the air?" Yunho answered as if he had confidence, "Isn't it 10 times?" The correct answer was 4 times. Yunho then went "at the filming site, they did it about 10 times, is there a problem with the editing" hahaha
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Yunho pointed out the errors in the interpreter's pronunciation of "Tree" and in his personal introduction, he said "I'm everybody's Yunho right?". When he was drawing lots, he dipped his hand into the lottery box and went "A little more, a little more, turning it around, continuously turning it around~"
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KSW said this during his ending ment - "Although Yunho is of course popular now too, please support him in the future too".
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KSW: "because I am now at an age where I am not able to wear school uniforms, this time around I am going to wear a school uniform outfit to Yunho's house to play."
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*all fan accounts above were translated from Japanese to Korean by tvxqyoonmin

During the ending ment, Yunho said, "When I am together with Changmin, I am always the leader.." KSW then went "I am Changmin!"
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During Yunho's ending ment, he said "When I am with Changmin every day, I am a hyung or a leader..."
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During their greeting to the fans after appearing on stage for the 1st time, the interpreter said, "Thanks to everybody's support, Tohoshinki's tour "Chz~ree"... " Yunho went, "Hold on! It's not "Chz~ree" but "Tree" English pronunciation! Everybody's paying close attention to this!!" and corrected the interpreter haha
[cr: u_know0808]

Yunho corrected the interpreter's pronunciation of "Tree". The MC then asked him, "Are you also going to correct KSW's pronunciation?" Yunho replied, "KSW-ssi's English is good, so I do not have to correct him". hahaha
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When they were drawing lots for the presents to be given out, Yunho had to put his hand into the box to draw the lots. He went "Turn it around well, turn it around a little more, turn it around forever" in a nonchalant tone hahaha
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*all Japanese to Korean translations above by ymamylim

During the gesture game, the question was "flamingo" and both KSW and Yunho didn't know what a flamingo was ㅋㅋㅋ But even so, Yunho tried to do a flamingo pose ㅋㅋㅋ
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