[trans] 140627 Yawang Fan Event Round 1

Yunho said that this was different from the usual for him because he is now together with his sunbae (senior), so he became nervous too. Kwon Sang Woo then said "I am Max Changmin!" while hugging Yunho's shoulders ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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Yunho consulted Kwon Sang Woo when he was hesitating over whether to buy the car, and after that both the cars of Yunho and Kwon Sang Woo are of the same colour and model.

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Actor Jung Yunho's visuals (looks) are the best! His hair had a slight wave and his fringe was swept to the side, and he was wearing a grey outfit made of denim-like material, with a white V-neck T-shirt inside. He was really slim!! and handsome~

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During the quiz, there was a question which went "Which is Do Kyung's favourite horse?" and amongst the choices, Changmin appeared as the 4th choice hahahahahaha. Changmin who was pulling the reins of the white horse in the Paradise Ranch poster hahahah. Upon seeing it, Yunho burst into laughter ♡ But even so, he didn't choose that as the answer ♡

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This time around, the broadcast timing of Kwon Sang Woo's new drama (Temptation) and Yunho's new drama (Diary of a Night Watchman) overlap with each other on SBS and MBC respectively. Yunho asked the fans to work together to alternate between SBS and MBC to watch both their dramas, and he also said that although he is sorry to say this, but to make KBS ratings last hahahaha.

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According to Kwon Sang Woo, Yunho's physique is "Really, awesome"

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Kwon Sang Woo is a really nice person. When they were signing on the posters, he wanted to kiss Yunho's face (on the poster) hahaha. Yunho also followed along and did a "chu" from his fingers and touched it against Kwon Sang Woo's face on the poster hahaha

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Yunho's first impression of Kwon Sang Woo:
"Although right up till before I met him, I thought that he was a scary senior, he is really a warm and cool person. Before calling him a "senior", we get along on close terms as if he is really my hyung."

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Kwon Sang Woo's first impression of Yunho:
"Although a person is usually decided by his first impression, because of the word called an "idol", I had a little bit of a stereotype against him. However, when I first met him, he greeted me properly, should I say that he was a pure person, or a cool person, I think that he is an upright and good young man."

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Kwon Sang Woo and the MC called us fans as "Yunho's fans". Even though they did that, only Yunho kept saying "Tohoshinki's fans" (tears) Yunho's fans are Tohoshinki's fans!

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During the question-and-answer segment, the question was "How do you memorize the script dialogue?" Yunho said that when he is memorizing the script, he records the script in audio form and listens to it on his earphones, and when he is going to sleep, it will enter his brain like a melody. But he went on to say that when he found out about this trick, it was already the second half of the filming hahahaha

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Kwon Sang Woo gave Yunho a hug since it has been a long time since they last met, and said that Yunho's body is awesome. He said that because Yunho's new drama has many action scenes, it seems like Yunho is putting a lot of effort in exercising. To reenact the hug, Kwon Sang Woo gave Yunho a light embrace, Yunho shyly shrugged his shoulders and stood still!

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During the quiz corner, they had to choose which shoe Da Hae dropped. Left or right? For a moment, he raised his right hand with the shoe, but then I saw that he also raised his left hand with the shoe. Ah, he seemed to be in a dilemma over which side to choose and then eventually chose "right" and that was the correct answer.

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Kwon Sang Woo said that honestly, there are times when he finds it difficult to finish watching idols' performances till the end, but he said that when Yunho appears on the stage, he watches it right till the end. He said that Yunho is really different on stage and who he is usually, and that he finds it amazing if Yunho is now beside him.

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During the ending greeting, Yunho said "I was happy because I could enjoy myself with Sang Woo hyung's fans and Tohoshinki's fans".

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Kwon Sang Woo was a cool guy. He said that Yunho can speak Japanese well, but in order to converse with him, he spoke both in Korean and Japanese and said in Japanese to Yunho, "sorry". Yunho then went "Sang Woo-ssi is warm-hearted right?" Everybody gave huge applause to Sang Woo ssi and Yunho was really happy when he gave a thumbs up to the audience.

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An incident about Kwon Sang Woo and Yunho's bosom relationship. 2 days after Kwon Sang Woo injured his right ankle, Yunho also injured his leg. So Yunho left a message for him and they talked about it.

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During the filming for the drama, because everybody was pestering him, Yunho erased everybody's fatigue with Catch Me and raised the atmosphere, and because everybody was really warm and affectionate, Yunho said he enjoyed himself. Kwon Sang Woo said that he also learnt a little dance from Yunho, so the MC requested that he show it to everybody. Sang Woo ssi did Yunho's hand wave.

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Usually during the tour MC when Changmin is speaking, Yunho will be acting comfortably, but today he did not move an inch and just listened intently to Sang Woo ssi talking. Looking at this, although there was a feeling that Sang Woo ssi is his hyung next door, I could feel that Yunho was nervous because he was Yunho's big senior.

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Yunho said that he had to roll around on the gravel (for filming) and although it was cold, Sang Woo hyung gave him a hat and told him to wear that. Yunho said that what was a pity was that, it was really that cold, but looking at the broadcast, it wasn't obvious that it was cold at all. hahaha

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Kwon Sang Woo was passing by the front of the SM building and because there was a car there which he had seen before, he asked Yunho "Are you there now?" and Yunho replied "Yes"! During the drama, Yunho had told KSW that he wanted to buy a car and asked which car was good, then they said "We both have the same car model and same coloured car! We are of that relationship!"

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Behind-the-scenes story during filming -- Do Hoon's final scene, during the explosion, because the stuntman was injured by having to fly through the air for real, Sang Woo ssi said that if he went to watch the filming, he couldn't bring himself to focus. Yunho and Sang Woo ssi said that they were really shocked. And that because the stuntman received first aid, he was okay after that.

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