Honestly, I don't even care about any of these new rules or regulations. None of that matters to me or matters at all honestly. This whole system/league is stupid and flawed and shouldn't be here in the first place. From the first one, to now. It was created and it's sole purpose was to ensure guaranteed content hours exclusively(shocker) to MLG.tv. That's it. We're now disguising growth for CODeSports as growth for MLG. Honestly it's turning COD into something really lame in general and especially for those not turning a profit and thus forcing a lack of Live events. Which is all we care about anyway, because online Cod blows and is no fun to anyone. These leagues suck regardless, but they're very cost efficient so yay for MLG. The worst part is were basically forced to play in them (AMs & Pros) because there is nothing else right now. And to see pro-level players forced to be "sub & bench" players for other teams is honestly disgusting. I miss real events. Not 8 or 11 team invite only brackets with either no prize or a guaranteed minimum payout to last place. 196 teams competed for a spot in S3 this past weekend, and were competing for a $ prize that was the equivalent to dead-last in the pro bracket. Thats truly sad and I feel bad thats how it is. Everyone have a nice night. Pattypoo out.

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