Mike Rufail · @hastr0

26th Jun 2014 from TwitLonger

The Team Envy MLG Season 3 Roster Change

As many of you know, today our team decided to release Jeremy "Studyy" Astacio and Chris "Parasite" Duarte. The decision to do this was a very tough one to make. It is never easy to release a player, but even more so in this scenario. Jeremy and Chris are both amazing people and highly skilled players. Seriously some of the best performers you could have.

However, our goal on Envy is to bring our fans and organization championship wins. We've been at this longer than any pro team in Call of Duty eSports. We are the oldest pro Call of Duty organization in competition. Being competitive is what we focus on first and when the team does not have the right chemistry among each other for whatever reason, you find yourself incapable of exploiting your full potential. This is incredibly frustrating. I'm not one to point fingers or make accusations but I hope many of you will realize that we made this decision for specific reasons. The focus to win Championships with this roster was just not there. There were distractions that I don't believe should be an issue at this level of competition. As a team owner and manager, I believe my job is to give my players the best resources need and best opportunity they have to position themselves to win. In my opinion, the players we released decided not to take full advantage of that when it matters most which led to this decision.

With that said, we are bringing on Matt "Formal" Piper and Jordan "JKap" Kaplan to the team. Both are explosive players who we know are hungry to win and I hope they seize the opportunity to become better competitors with @TeamEnVyUs. By no means does this guarantee wins for our organization or even better placings, but we feel like this move gives a better shot than we had before to finish one off and hoist a trophy.

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