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25th Jun 2014 from TwitLonger

Secret Origins #3 Mini Review

Secret Origins issue 3 was a solid issue. Secret Origins is not officially on my pull list because I only get this series when there are interesting origin stories that I haven't seen a million times.

This issue told two origin stories that were lesser known, which I was happy to see. But lets start with the one that I have seen a million times, Green Lantern. Towards the beginning of Geoff John's run he wrote a story arc called "Secret Origins". This was the perfect Green Lantern origin story. In this issue, Vendetti writes his version of Green Lantern's origin story. The story had a good narration and focused on Hal's father which I thought worked well for the issue. Overall I have seen the story many times but this is a good short version of Green Lantern's origin story for new readers. But I will nit pick and say there was a lot of shading in the art for this story.

I was most impressed with Batwoman. Batwoman is a character who needed a spotlight origin story. They did it well with great art and paneling.

Tim Drake is a well known character to comic fans, but I dont think everyone knows his origin story and fans of the character see what they tweaked with the New 52. So, yes Tim Drake was Robin before he was Red Robin. Lobdell kept Tim's characterization, which I was happy to see.

Overall this is the best Secret Origins issue I have read so far. A good mix of character origins.

4 out of 5 stars

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