Edited (Trans) Excerpt from Yuchun's Singles Interview (JYJ album part)

Q: How are you preparing the JYJ album?

YC: The songs have been selected. Actually, there were things I wanted to show everyone. However, from a team's point of view, I haven't said anything to my members since it is a personal colour (of thoughts). I intend to prepare this album with a comfortable/peaceful mind. I think it is enough to feel the excitement of releasing an album after such a long time. I thought that since it is not the last album, I won't be too greedy and will just let everyone listen to good music and if it's about our story, it's even better. Not long ago, I talked with Jaejoong on the phone and he told me to rather go with it comfortably, too.

Q: Is there any of your self-written or self-composed songs in this album?

YC: I don't know. Since I have sold all my equipment. But I won't stop composing. Just thinking of writing songs, it's enjoyable.
(Manager: There are many songs he had written and never released.)
YC: I do it because I enjoy doing it but I will never release them. Since it's just something I enjoy doing.

Source: DC JYJ http://t.co/uyp6hDqMWj
Translated by Sheena

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