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I have done some aggregation and analysis of the BOUNDLESSINFORMANT charts released to date, and have published a spreadsheet. I have arrived at figures by measuring the length of the bars and working out the appropriate scale. I have also included the totals given. With regards to rounding of the charts whose totals are known only by measurement, the data is only accurate to 3 significant figures at best, it will be within 1 or 2%.

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Tab 1 includes totals for the individual countries.

Tab 2 includes charts for foreign partners and 3rd party partners, and also entities like SSO FAIRVIEW and WINDSTOP, . Tab 3 shows aggregates and some analysis. I have marked in green places where an individual country accounts for 100% of 3rd party or foreign party access in a particular category. In addition, I marked in tan countries whose BI charts showed only DNR, Poland is mostly, but not entirely DNR as well. Which should help to draw conclusions about techs and sigads.

For instance, I can conclude that Germany was the only 3rd party partner accessed via JUGGERNAUT, though some other foreign partners use it. Probably 5 eyes (2nd party). It is known from other documents that in Germany's case, at least, JUGGERNAUT picks up GSM.

Germany again is the only 3rd party accessed via CERF CALL MOSES1, though the Netherlands has a CERF CALL.

I should be able to conclude the that Germany is the only 3rd party with XKEYSCORE, but additional documents say that is not currently true, as Sweden has access. Those docs are from April 2013, and the BI totals are earlier, so it could have been true at the time the charts were created.

Germany accounts for almost all 3rd party access via LOPERS, but not all, some 10,369 records must be access via other 3rd parties. LOPERS collects DNR only.

In the SIGAD department, US-987LA is unique to Germany. The data does not guarantee that any other sigads are unique to their respective countries. But some are unique to 3rd parties (in theory a 2nd party could still share any of these)

US-988LB - Germany
US-916A - Poland
US-985D - France

The data can be crunched a lot of different ways, it's my hope that this will enable further analysis.

The source graphs are available here:

--Paul Dietrich

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