TRANSCRIPT of Julian #Assange message for #June19 read outside the Ecuadorian Embassy

This is a message from Julian - these are his words:

'It is great to see people out to mark the 2nd year of all this.

The last 730 days have been intense in the knowledge of your support - the daily vigils and and the big rallies have been really heartening to me - Thank You!

Truth has a habit of reasserting itself. It asserts itself in our resolve and our commitment - it may have been possible at one time to ignore the truth about why I am unable to leave this embassy.

We will see an end to this siege. But we will only see it when the US govt, the UK govt and the Swedish govt, and other governments around the world follow Ecuador's brave lead and commit to protecting WikiLeaks, its staff, and its sources, from unacceptable transgressions against freedom of expression.

I want to express my warm thanks to the government of Ecuador.

And now let's take a moment to remember absent friends, and allies who are suffering for their beliefs and actions

Chelsea Manning
Jeremy Hammond
Godfried Anakata Swartholm
Barrett Brown
The PayPal 14
Rudolf Elmer
Edward Snowden

Remember their courage and conviction - not just this day, but every day.'

Julian Assange #June19 Ecuadorian Embassy London 2 year anniversary of his taking refuge from the threat of extradition to the US.

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