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19th Jun 2014 from TwitLonger


Situation Report from Novorossiya Armed Forces, June 19, 2014

Translated From Russian by Gleb Bazov

At 23:00 (MSK): the situation changes on an hourly basis. The Junta troops have retreated to the previously held positions near Kirovsk. As a result of work by centres of resistance, Junta has abandoned and retreated from Yampol and Seversk. A Su-25 ground attack fighter was shot down over Yampol, this has been confirmed now. With respect to the the two aircraft and a "crocodile" (Mi-24 helicopter) shot down earlier, there has been no confirmation yet. The battles continued. Yampol was fight till the end.

At 23:10 (MSK): at the southern outskirts of Krasniy Liman, there is maneuver-centric combat with the Kirovsk checkpoint. A column comprised of 20 armoured elements (3 tanks and 17 "BMP" APCs) is moving from the direction of Kirovsk toward the vicinity of the 3rd School (Krasniy Liman). An additional 2 tanks and 5 "BMP" APCs. One tank and a "tachanka" (a towed machine gun or an artillery piece) moving in the direction of Ostavki.

At 23:15 (MSK): The column [noted above], having passed down the Lenin street, turned back in the direction of the Golubiye Ozera ("Blue Lakes'). Large-caliber machine gun fire in the southern part of Krasniy Liman.

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