My comment below @DouglasKMurray's @Spectator article.

I think it is time that the normal people of Britain stood up against the attempts to redefine English by the extreme right. It reminds me of Holocaust deniers like David Irving, the Nazis or the Ministry of Truth in 1984. Ordinary patriotic Brits imbued with "British values" know a fascist when they see one, and have absolutely no trouble with the words "racist" and "Islamophobia". P.G.Wodehouse, who invented the ridiculous fascist leader Roderick Spode, would have been amused at all the sound-a-likes in this comment column trying to defend the "very right wing" rabble rouser Douglas Murray. The Spectator should know better than to give him the oxygen of publicity.

Comment after "It's not just schools – Britain has let Islamists run riot" by Douglas Murray

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