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15th Jun 2014 from TwitLonger

PLEASE READ: My thoughts on this whole situation

I just wanted to take a minute to share my point of view on this whole "beef" thing. I had absolutely nothing against Hoodie Allen before this week. I didn't know him, I had met him once & went out of my way to introduce myself to him when I did. Never gave him a reason to have any negative feelings towards me at all.. at least I thought.

Out of nowhere, he released a baseball themed song this week where he made some remarks about me and a few other artists...one being someone who he was previously friends with & made songs with in the past. Honestly to me, the whole thing just seemed like a very weird move from him.

He referenced my Tommy John surgery, basically making fun of the fact that it ended my baseball career, saying I should run to my mommy about it haha. Although on paper, it just seems like a really low-level rap lyric, I felt like it was uncalled for to make fun of someone else's hardship like that...especially for no reason. That was a low point in my life... but also a defining moment.. and I'm super proud of what I've been able to do with my life after that shit happened, and I know a ton of my fans are too.

With that being said, I responded because I felt like he shouldn't be able to say whatever, about whoever, without consequence. I made a pretty general response track (0-100) mainly consisting of some vague jabs about his height & his previous job...those were the only things I knew about him.
He then responded with a full diss track referencing EVERYTHING anyone could possibly say about me. He made immature stabs at my friends & my family that had no substance at all...like none haha. He also included lyrics about the Duke rape scandal & hanging myself which seemed pretty ridiculous things to say in a "rap battle" of such small magnitude. Not only was his track over the top, it just had a lot of false claims & inferences in it.. which made it not only very easy to respond... but also very necessary. So I did.

I included some imagery for my response because I wanted to prove that the stuff I was talking about was actually true. I included a screenshot of his text to me because I found it hilarious that he waited to send me that message AFTER releasing a full diss track in which he tried to make fun of everything about me. He only sent that text because he knew he had nothing more to say about me, and didn't want me to come back at him. Which is why I had no problem not only ignoring his attempt to talk, but also posting it publicly for y'all to see.

It's clear that he won't say anything else, and that this is over...so I just wanted to share with y'all how I actually felt about it. I want to thank all of my fans for showing support. I also wanted to apologize to our shared fans.. it was probably an awkward couple days for y'all haha. But just know it's not a big deal at all...and honestly it's extremely petty in the grand scheme of things. At first.. I wanted to just beat his ass when I saw him next, because to me... a rap "beef" between two artists like us is extremely corny. With that being said, I'm ready to get back to making real music & I'm sure he feels similarly.
I wish him success & honestly wish it didn't happen. I would've never spoke a negative word about him if he hadn't came at me the way he did. The FACT of the matter is he started this...So I ended it.

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