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12th Jun 2014 from TwitLonger

#NOVOROSSIYA #SLAVYANSK – English Transcript of Video w/Incendiary Bmbs – PLZ RT

English-Language Transcript of Video of Slavyansk Being Shelled w/Incendiary Bombs
Original Video:

- Oh, this is really hitting the village.

- Ok, the civilians …

- The civilians need to be evacuated from the residential sector

- Well, then we need to evacuate – we’ll start evacuating right away

- [Indecipherable]

- [Indecipherable]

- Did you see the radius [of that thing]?

- [Indecipherable]

- It’s approximately where Motorola is, yes?
[Note: Motorala is a notable militia commander in Slavyansk]

- Well, yes, it’s at the Troyanskiy Hill

- Hello to Motorola

- No, it is at Semyonovka

- Fuck, it’s coming down – they are practically starting to burn it out, bastards

- Now it will burn all night, those bastards.

- Fuck, look

- Look how at how [they are] burning the village

- Look, look at what is happening.

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