#Child #Abuse by #Myanmar soldiers
I just received info, 4 Rohingya girls_g5`35\s,Hasinara 11year old ,daughter of Abul Kalam, Ismatara 10years old, daughter of Shir Muhammad,Thasmina 10yrs, daughter of Abu Tahir and a boy Dus Muhammad 6 years old son of Muhammad Ayub from Hansarbil of Maungdaw, went to collect fire-wood nearby river at 2 PM. While soldiers from sector-5 followed them to arrest, all of them were running, Ismatara could escape and the rest fell down. Soldiers slapped them and took them into soldiers' shelter. When children parents requested to release their children, soldiers demanded ransom money, parents are very poor, can't affort their demand, children are still kept with soldiers.

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