Cliff Notes from the Larry Jones (@tvlandlarry) LIVE Twitter Q&A:
-Hilary (26) is Sutton's (40) new work friend who doesn't know she is lying bout age.
-Larry is very happy about the international support from Hilary's fan base.
-Younger is going to start shooting in September and will premiere in January 2015, the writers are writing the scripts right NOW in LA.
-A trailer for Younger should be released this summer. TV Land was trying to put together a spot for the Tony Awards, Sutton Foster is nominated for an award there this year. But, they were too late.
-Larry has not asked Hilary to sing on Younger at all. But, Darren Star could have.
-Larry said that it is NO problem that Hilary is doing music and Younger at the same time, he said that is a good for her fans.
-More pictures are coming from Hilary's photo shoot for Younger. But, there is no specific date yet of when they will be released.
-It will be impossible for Younger to get a live episode, like two of the recent TV Land shows because of its shooting format, it shoots with a single camera.
-Larry on Hilary's character on Younger: "Smart & sassy. Sophisticated NYC girl. So so fashionable."
-Larry on the chemistry of the actors on Younger: "The actors "jelled" right from the start. So many seemed like they were old friends, and yet none of them had met."
-Larry we could see Hilary or Sutton Foster sing on Younger depending on what the writers write.

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