POOR RIGHTEOUS TEACHERS would like to thank everyone from around the way,
country. and world for their condolences, thoughts, prayers and well wishes
concerning the passing of our dearest brother, friend, companion, comrade and
fellow teacher - FATHER SHAHEED. This hurts beyond the head, heart and stomach. This pain cuts deep into the souls of who we are. We were more than just a "rap group" and Shaheed was more than just a member and brilliant DJ/producer. He was a great human being, a loyal friend, a great father, a great brother, a damn
good son, and a committed husband.

FATHER SHAHEED'S influence in and on our lives runs much deeper than musical
recordings. Shaheed was responsible for the more healthy diets we've followed
for the past 25 years. He was also responsible for my understanding of the
necessity to be on point when it came to your studies as a 5 Percenter. He was
the first person I went through 120 degrees with - I never told him that, it was
my first time actually meeting him. He asked me what lessons I knew, I replied
"120" he said "prove it!"

THIS HAS BEEN a difficult three months for us, and thats saying the very least.
We just buried two GIANTS from among us less than three months ago, now we are
about to bury a third. I imagine I am dreaming while I'm typing this, hoping
someone would tear the curtain down and let some light back into this empty

THE LAST TWO TIMES I saw Shaheed were at funerals - his mothers, and XHotep's. Culture Freedom, Father Shaheed and I were all just together laughing over our memories and moments with our brother Xhotep. Sitting at that table we could have never imagined or fathomed that we'd be in this moment right here - right now?

BARE WITH ME if I have not returned your phone calls, text messages or replies
to your posts, I am sorry and hope that you can forgive me. I've been knocked
off my horse a few times this year alone, and each time it gets harder and
harder to get back on. Mounting this horse at this moment seems next to
impossible. I will give it some time and as Culture Freedom has taught me - let
"patience have its place".

Wise Intelligent

B'EretzHaShm @wiseintelligent @hiphopgods #PRT4LIFE

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