Gilles Simon on Gilles Simon on equal prize money at Slams quoted by @sophiedorgan in toady's l'Équipe: (During Wimbledon 2012 - I think we're the only sport where there's equal prize money for men and women while it still a show where men's tennis right now is more attractive than women's tennis)

- I haven't changed my mind (smiles). What got to me was finding myself in the big press conference room at Wimbledon facing media that were asking me to justify myself while they themselves had been writing 6 pages on men's tennis for every 2 pages on women's for years. C'mon guys, take some responsibility! I don't care, I'm used to hypocrisy. They're trying to judge me on equal pay as if it were two equal jobs in a company. I'm not against that. Here, it's simply a question of economic structure: you just have to look at the cost of a top ticket for the men's final and the women's final (€170 for a category 1 ticket for the RG final, €124 for the women's.)

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