So our first online tournament will be kicking off shortly, this will be a Beta tournament which will encompass the best of what you the gamers can expect and will give you the opportunity to play a team more than once. You will tested to your limits relating to skill and team work.

The best will prevail: Xbox 360: Ghosts

Prizes and limited sponsorship (Cash and Time period) will be up for grabs.

Able to watch selected games through the headline sponsors' twitch account. Shoutcasters who are PAID to bring you professional casting and give-aways per Streamed match.
These titans of shoutcasting are: Iudiciumcasting

Mogammed Salie (Spector)
Clint (CS1977)
Tahier Achmat (Kai)
Moe Bhayt (Zela)
Herman (ChutneyBoi)

These streams will also have advertisements from the Sponsor relating to specials available.

Format and related information will be available 28 May 2014 when a nationwide press release will be made and a fantastic promo video for you to enjoy and of what to expect. Registration and the like will be made available through that press release.

The prizes will be handed out at the #StepUpLAN at 6PM on 18 July 2014, or sent via courier on 21 July 2014.

This is the first of 9 Tournaments over the next 4 months.

HINT: PRE ORDER Xbox ONE and finance it.

All news and information Next week 28 MAY 2014

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