Bittersweet homecoming.

My family and friends worldwide and namely in the USA,

I always call for each of you to give their all - as you always do - and
in turn we in Trivium return the favor with everything we've got.

As it turns out, I quite literally gave everything I could have given just
yesterday at Rock On The Range in Columbus, Ohio.

I am reminded once again that I am but a mere mortal (not saying that I
ever think or believe otherwise, only that at times, on stage, one does
feel pretty powerful); my voice blew out by the end of yesterday's set.
My doctor¹s orders are that I need two weeks of rest before resume singing
and as a result Trivium will cancel our remaining shows this week.

I have cancelled one show previously due to vocal issues, and this time
even with the numerous precautions I take every single day on the road to
ensure the greatest performance for those who keep me alive, my voice
still gave out.

My apologies to all our friends who were hoping to see us in Birmingham,
Baton Rouge, Memphis, and Pryor. My condolences to the Trivium road crew,
local promoters and most importantly, my brothers in arms: Paolo, Corey,
and Mat.

I'll do everything I can do make my vocals back to 100% before Europe, and
know that we will come back and make up shows in: Salt Lake City,
Birmingham, Baton Rouge, Memphis, and Pryor. I don't know when, but you
are not forgotten.


Matthew Kiichi Heafy

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