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19th May 2014 from TwitLonger

Yeah its not an A+ recap but I'm rushing lol
Jesse/Josh podcast recap - K bits. AU talk begins at 33 minutes. K talk at 35:24. Little baby spoiler featured

Josh mentions how he's Jesse is currently filming American Ultra and re-teaming with Kristen. He ask Jesse to give K his regards, shes awesome.

"She's great. She's great. She's a really great actress. Yeah, shes just wonderful. She is a good example of somebody who really immerses themselves. When we were doing Adventureland, she was 17 years old and she would literally stop takes in the middle of a take if she felt like she wasn't being honest. She would say "cut,cut,cut, I'm lying".

Josh "Oh totally, she has no BS filter"
Jesse "Exactly, how'd you know that?"
Josh "Well, Ive just talked to her a ton of times over the years, thanks to twilight"
Jesse "you can tell"
Josh "Yeah, shes very real'
Jesse "Yeah, its really wonderful, it may look sometimes as though like, she is, because shes been in those movies, for example, which i don't know, and this movie which is kind of bigger than adventureland. Its an interesting acting style for these kinds of movies because, these kinds of movies occasionally require- its not something I can do well, but it occasionally requires being big, so to speak, and she does that I guess, but shes so realistic. [SPOILERISH ALERT]So like in this movie we're doing now, every scene is kind of very dramatic because she plays my girlfriend and we both realize that my life was a lie and shes been harboring this secret life from me and all these scenes are kind of histrionic and you cant really half do it, and I imagine in these types of movies, like big action movies, like actors who always do these movies, maybe they can half do it at some point and it looks real but if you're only in these kind of things occasionally, you end up doing the same acting you do in an independent movie but because they're these big histrionic scenes, you end up fully immersing yourself in these moments and it can kind of make you a little nutty. But shes really great to work with because she does that too."

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