Complete interview of Novak Djokovic to VanityFair(English)
Why did you decide to become a father right now?
"Jelena and i have been together for almost nine years. In September we got engaged and now this baby is a sign of life, of God.We talked about it in the past but never stessed and our thought wasn't 'Ok,let's do a baby'.The first time we tried,it really happened:great accuracy,i did it right(smiling)"

You already know the sex of the baby?
"In two weeks...i'm curious.I come from a family of boys so my mother and Jelena want a girl.But is only our first baby: i want many children"

What does mean to you to be a father?
The most beautiful thing in the world is able to transfer our experiences to a little one;a child is the greatest happiness.Everything change for us now. I will continue to play tennis but my priority is no longer to hit a ball but the health of Jelena and the baby."

It's stange to hear this from you.You are a man who made many sacrifices to get to the top.
My life is not about tennis.I'm already thinking about what i'll do next,i have many projects related to the passion i have for a correct
lifestyle.As i write in my book,in 2010,i was very ill,i had trouble breathing;a Serbian doctor watched me on TV during a match in which i had some problems.He called me and found a food
intolerance,the most important was to gluten.Since that moment i removed gluten. I lost 5 kilos,my staff was very worried but after a short adjustment period i started to have more energy and i hade the 3 best years of my

Agassi describe, in his autobiography "Open", tennis as suffering. Play at high level means suffering?
"For me tennis as always been love.It makes me happy.We all do sacrifices,if i had not made sacrifices i wouldn't be there but probably to eat a seafood risotto on the terrace of a 5 stars hotel in
MonteCarlo.The difference between me and Agassi is that perhaps for him tennis was the only source of satisfaction,for me it's not.Reading his book,i was very disappointed when he admitted that he had taken illegal drugs during his
career.It's in contrast with the idea i have:sacrifice,discipline,honesty."

Agassi had a father who forced him to hit 2500 balls every day. How you father was?
"Very strong,has always believed in me and supported me.There were also periods of conflict: when i was 18,i started travelling,to have friends,a girlfriend...he had to accept that my family wasn't the only source of growth and love.
It was not easy,out culture is very similar to your Italian.Luckily he hasn't influenced my game in technical terms because he never played tennis.My dad was very good at skiing."

You said many time that your idol as a child was Sampras,Agassi's historic rival.
"Yes,but my game is more similar to Agassi.Andre is a champions but he even revolutionized the world of tennis with his hairstyle,clothes,uncovetional behavior and he was loved by many people."

In the past you made amazing impersonation of tennis players.How the idea come to mind?
"As a child i loved watching champions and i started to impersonate them.I did Sharapova and Nadal impersonations on court but when i re-watched myself doing it,i thought "I will have problems because someone will be angry".

Is it happened?
"At first,they were ok with that.I stopped to do it on court but not off court.I'm not the best impersonator of the tour but Andrea Carrasco, a boy who speaks Spanish and put his video on YouTube:I should go to his class."

With whom would you go to dinner between Federer and Nadal?
"Nadal and it happened in the past.We cannot be friends because we are rivals.We played 40 matches togheter and shared many best moments.He's an important person in my life."

Is true that Fabio Fognini is your good friend?
"Yes,everyone loves him in Serbia.He improved a lot his tennis in the last 15 months.Of course,he still need to learn to control his personality but i love his attitude:there are only few players with his charisma."

As a child you lived the drama of the war.
"I celebrated my 12 years in Belgrado.The voice of my friends singing 'Happy Birthday'was covered by military aircraft: are things you do not forget. They destroyed a large part of my country.
Serbia is still a very poor country,i created my foundation in order to give the opportunity to the children to get an education:to have
the opportunity to changge their lives.

"From 14 to 18 i enjoyed my life with friends but i had not serious love stories,i had no time.When i met Jelena was a disaster but then i fell in love."

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